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In addition to providing inspirational editorial and small business tools online, we are committed to providing live programing to give you an interactive workshop to launch and grow your entrepreneurial future.

Take a look at our live ltdWORKSHOP schedule and sign up to launch your business empire (or very small business, we’re not here to judge.)


The ltdWORKSHOPS are designed to help those with an entrepreneurial spirit gain the “know-how” they need to further develop their idea and business model. You will walk away with a comprehensive action plan to take your concept to viable business, complete with the resources and strategies to make your venture thrive.

We meet once a week for four weeks (*note, this has been changed from three to four weeks). This provides time to develop concepts and strategies, better understand your market, discuss how to get the funds you need to start-up, and the advice you need to stay on track.

The class size is intentionally small to provide each person the attention their venture deserves, the feedback necessary to further develop their brand and ultimately launch (or relaunch) successfully.



Day 1

You and Your BIG Idea: Getting your concepts in writing and developing your elevator pitch.

Welcome to Your World: Understanding your industry and competition.

Bull’s Eye: Identifying your target market.



Day 2

From Strategy to Reality: Creating a strategy to both launch and operate your venture.

Make Some Noise: Communicating with your target market.

Get Some Attention: DIY Public Relations, branding, advertising and yelling from the mountaintop.



Day 3

Rules of Engagement: Your virtual identity–building a website and social media presence that produces results.

Give Back: How to make a social difference with your venture when you’re a for-profit venture, and why it’s important.

Action Plan: Creating a living business plan (we’re talking 4 pages max!)



Day 4

Raising Dough: Coming up with the funds you need through crowdfunding platforms, friends and family, and angels.

Make It, Track It, Keep It: Budgeting, sales forecasting and bookkeeping tools and tips.

People Skills: Building the team of people you need so you can work on your business, not just in it.



Workshop leader Nada Jones is the founder of all things ltd and author of Sixteen Weeks to Your Dream Business.



Still not sure? We get it! It’s an investment of time and money. Here are 10 reasons why we think it’s the best investment you’ll make for your future. Read what others have said about their ltdWORKSHOP experience with our founder, Nada Jones–it’ll give you a little more insight into what you can expect from joining us at an ltdWORKSHOP.

1) “Nada Jones is water for the thirsty entrepreneurial soul.  Her approach offers sound advice as to how you can turn your dreams into reality.” –Jill, Art Director at the Walt Disney Company and Fine Artist

2) “A business woman with a heart! Nada truly cares that your vision is carried out in a way that best suits your business and life goals. She is very good at helping you articulate your creative thoughts!” –Diane, Founder of Crushtique retail chain

3) “I was instantly drawn to Nada’s positive energy and start-up knowledge. Her seminars are filled with valuable information, but the most important takeaway was the feeling that I too could have my own business.” –Tricia,  Stylist 

4) “I took Nada’s seminar and came away not only feeling confident in my ideas and ability to realize my entrepreneurial dreams, but with a confidence and renewed belief in myself as a person. Nada has a gentle and intuitive way of helping you uncover your own possibilities.” –Rebecca, Aspiring Entrepreneur

5) “Nada’s seminar was not only eye-opening from a social media perspective (what to do, what not to do) but it also encouraged me that I can do this. I was able to sift through what I did and did not what my business to look like, work with my partner on those things, plan for it and move forward. So worthwhile, so helpful…and the sense of camaraderie in that wonderful group of women was a testimony to Nada’s leadership that we women need to stick together to make our dreams a reality.” –Jill, Founder of Jill.Cate Design and Letterpress

6) “I appreciated Nada’s awareness and knowledge of simple, down-to-earth tools and applications to launch my vision.  The clear framework she outlined on how to approach my venture was so accessible and her no-nonsense approach is refreshing.  All of these, in parallel with her approachable personality is a powerful force that has enabled me to dare to be different.” –Diane, V.P. Human Resources HP

7) “Nada’s wealth of knowledge regarding launching new businesses as well as her dynamic and engaging personality gave me hope and encouragement for my personal vision. I would highly recommend seizing the opportunity to take one of her workshops, if at all possible!” –Rosalind, Writer and Aspiring Children’s Book Author

8) “Nada Jones is an empowering voice–not just to women entrepreneurs, but to all women wanting to find meaning and make a contribution through their lives! Her wit and wisdom and personable style are not only encouraging but empowering! She is a force to be reckoned with!” –Pam, PhD, Assistant Professor of Family Studies

9) “I loved Nada’s class. I have been to others that also have the exciting, inspired feeling but the difference with her class is that you also gain tangible information and know-how to put into action immediately. You not only walk away each time inspired but with a new level of confidence that you can now achieve lift off.” -Ryan, Founder of Savoir Flair and Tin Parade

10) “I felt recharged and renewed after being with such fabulous budding entrepreneurs.  Nada facilitated so well and she has the art of distilling a wide body of opinions/facts into a small set of salient take-aways.  She also understands how to best utilize social media for your line of business, always with the bottom line in mind. You will leave motivated and much more informed than you dreamed when you walk out the door – ready to start your new venture!” -Tamara, Co-founder of Salt Ink & Press



If you’re interested in seeing ltdWORKSHOP in your city drop us a note and we’ll see what we can do.

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