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Couture Events and Elle Bridal Boutique Founder Krystel Tien tells us about things that make her workspace her own:

My mini pink polaroid camera. When styling wedding looks the polaroids help me remember and see the looks I have created all together without having to scroll through my phone.

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An acrylic and gold Kate Spade stapler – practical and pretty.

A Kate Spade acrylic penholder, filled with Pilot G-2 .07 black pens. These are my favorite pens to make lists, journal, and do business with. I also have a Blush Pearl Swarovski crystal pen that was a gift from a bride (who worked at Swarovski) that we now have our brides sign contracts with – it’s pretty and makes for a super exciting and special moment.

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A Vintage Telephone Notepad from Rifle Paper. We believe in wonderful customer service and while we could take appointments online, we prefer to get to know the bride a bit before she comes in. So we use the good old-fashioned telephone and take notes on our telephone pad about our lovely bride.

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We sell the Illume candles at our boutique. Smells make a difference to me – when life smells good, I feel like I get more done. The Coconut Milk Mango scent is often burning in my office.

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And my office would not be complete without… The lovely coordinators and stylists in it! We have an incredible team, and they make the office a home.



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