Kelsey Doorey’s Workspace Must Haves

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Vow To Be Chic Founder and CEO Kelsey Doorey tells us about the things that make her workspace her own:

Sugarfina Gummies – I’m obsessed with candy and these little delights were part of my team’s amazing birthday gift to me.

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Honest Company Lip Balm – organic, moisturizing, and deliciously scented.

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Designer Linesheets – We’re always adding new styles to our site, so I constantly have stacks of linesheets of the newest designs.

A Lint Roller! My dog is our office dog, so I typically have dog hair on my clothing.

My Kate Spade Notebook – it’s so cute and says ‘Chic’ on it, so how could I resist?

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And my office would not be complete without… My team and my dog! My dog Brogan is in our office every day to make the team smile.

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Image: [Jana Williams or Stephanie Williams or Dave Lauridsen]

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