High Five / Celina Pereira

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Designer and OSSO Co-Founder Celina Pereira gives us the five business resources she can’t live without:

The Wave accounting app is wonderful for small businesses. It makes everything easy, from invoicing clients to tracking expenses and bills.

We find loads of inspiration on Tumblr. That is where people are posting the coolest, newest stuff. It’s edgier than Pinterest boards.

That said, Pinterest is essential for a design business! The beauty of it is to be able to organize our inspirations. We generally create a board for each new project and also “mood boards” for different types of projects, which is super helpful when brainstorming.

Slack is an incredibly helpful organized communication app. It allows you to create different “channels” so that all of your conversations are categorized and easily scannable instead of having to dig through a bunch of emails.

And Instagram. Because #insta.


Image: [Andrew Gerety + OSSO Design]

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