Lifestyled by Melinda DiMauro

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1) Spinach and eggs   2) Jeans   3) Blouse   4) Foot Petals   5) Proactive


Photographer Melinda DiMauro shares her top lifestyle tips:

My go-to wardrobe staples for work are… Black and comfortable and stylish. I have what I call my shoot “uniform”, which is my black wax jeans and some kind of black blouse that’s long because I’m constantly bending down. I need to be able to climb a ladder or lay on the floor in whatever I wear. NYC sidewalks are really hard on the feet, and I have high arches so I always wear some kind of cushion insert in my shoes. I love Amazing Arches from Foot Petals – they are cool little sticky arch support things that you can put in any shoe. So great.

My beauty routine consists of… I’ve been using Proactiv for a few years to help keep my skin clear. I’m always smushing a dirty camera against my face, so it’s essential for me to wash my face when I unwind from a shoot. I also do a class called The Bar Method. I find that if I feel good all over you can see it in my eyes and my face looks more vibrant no matter what kind of makeup I use. Someone told me in college to always put eye cream on every night and I’m thankful that I have! I’m trying to age gracefully…

My healthy eating tips for the workday are… I’m a foodie at heart but when I’m working, eating is all about energy. I need a lot of energy to keep up with my busy life so in general I avoid the carbs that make me foggy and tired. I try to eat some kind of greens at every meal, so at breakfast I’ll toss spinach into a smoothie or with eggs. At lunch a high-protein salad is my go-to meal. My kids and husband are adventurous eaters so we try new foods all the time. It is a great feeling when I make something healthy for my family and they tell me it’s delicious!

Copy Editor: Noelle Hale is a writer/editor/proofreader/wordsmith who in a former life was a lawyer and senior sales executive for legal research and education companies. She has known Nada Jones for 20 years and one of their first collaborations was the ill-advised completion of the LA Marathon without actually having trained for it first. After many wonderful years spent living and working in New York and Los Angeles, Noelle and her husband and their two children are now happily ensconced in beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado.

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