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We asked Lady Fuller, President/CEO and Founder of The Blues Jean Bar, to share with us the five business resources she can’t live without.

Freelancer: This is a great place to outstource basic design or other work that otherwise would cost double to have done in-house.

Business Books: Secret Service (John R. DiJulius III) and Getting Things Done (David Allen). I have my staff read parts of both throughout the year. Our company is built on high-touch service and delivering it to each and every customer is a both a challenge and a wonderful opportunity. Secret Service is full of inspired ideas! The latter book is essential for my staff and especially my corporate employees, as it addresses the problem of being busy but not productive and helps keep productivity high.

Facebook is a necessary evil! It’s a place where we can interact with our customers and have a two-way conversation in real time.

Yahoo Instant Messenger: My whole company is scattered all over the place so we use Yahoo IM to ask each other just about everything. It eliminates unnecessary phone calls and emails and helps us try to achieve “inbox zero”!

Google Drive: Google Drive is such an important tool for decentralized work forces who share documents. We have all of our shared documents on here company-wide and I am not sure how we would all be on the same page (literally) without this tool!


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