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We asked Ashley Cooper, designer and creative director of Ashley Cooper Design, to give us the five business resources that she can’t live without.

The Adobe Creative Suite: I couldn’t have a business creating art in any kind of digital form without Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. It is my complete set of work tools. I use the software every day for everything I do. What makes it even better is that the software is affordable and accessible to anyone.

Creating good art prints could not happen without a great print shop – it’s my secret weapon! Finding a print shop with awesome customer service and a fast turnaround time is everything. I work with my fantastic printer so often that they almost feel like a member of my staff.

Social media is the best tool for business, especially creative, smaller or startup companies. It’s wonderful because it’s free yet can generate exposure and sales quickly. Instagram has been the greatest tool for our brand, allowing me to meet and connect with other local, national and international artists as well as bloggers, fashion boutiques and designers that I have had the pleasure of working with. It connects you on a different level and really can propel your success quickly.

Blank notebooks from Rifle Paper Co. to create lists and keep me organized. I believe in writing down your thoughts and inspirations so nothing gets lost. I also believe that the act itself of writing something down allows your thoughts about that idea to expand and flourish. I have written on just about every scrap of paper in sight since I was very young, so it’s rare that you will find me without paper nearby!

I love PayPal! I operate an e-commerce shop and all payments come to me through PayPal. PayPal accepts any form of payment and I get it almost instantly. And when I do pop-up shops such as the one with West Elm, I can take payments via my PayPal swipe, allowing me to make sales literally from anywhere. It’s so convenient.

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