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Many of Olivia Korenberg’s earliest memories involve finding beauty in her surroundings. Stories of her childhood critiques of a hotel’s carpet selection or her precocious queries to her parents about why things were laid out in certain ways are part of the family lore. After studying at the Sorbonne for a year at the age of 23, she was so inspired by the great beauty of Paris that she knew she wanted to pursue a career in design. Her first call upon returning stateside was to Katie Leede and her Santa Monica-based design firm, “Digs by Katie”. An internship evolved into a five-year deep dive into the world of residential interior design, until she decided to band together with her colleague Jenn Pablo to form Twofold in 2011. Despite their obvious interior design chops, the firm has grown into a comprehensive design studio not limited to any particular genre of project. Together, Olivia and Jenn have tackled everything from high-end residential to commercial to hospitality projects, impressing clients of all types with their attention to innovative (and beautiful!) details. 

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My best advice, in one sentence, for launching a venture is…

There will never be the “right” time to take the leap, so dive in head first. If you decide you want to create your own success, you first have to create your own reality. 

Lately I’m inspired by…

Inspired people! Hearing people talk about what drives them and getting a small peek into their world always reinvigorates me. 

The most important thing I have learned so far is…

Trust your instincts. We live in a world where we are constantly flooded with information, so it becomes easy to overcomplicate things and question yourself. I work every day at creating creative discipline. I devour images and feel so lucky to live in an age where there is unlimited access to news and imagery, but it’s a fine line between educating yourself and letting all those images convolute your own unique creative expression. 

The best people to work with always…

Have passion. Our business is all about creating beautiful things, whether they be environments or experiences. When we choose the people we want to work with, we are always drawn to those who have that little extra spark. When people feel passionate and inspired there is an element of themselves that goes into the work which is completely palpable and makes a monumental difference. 

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When you go on vacation what do you always do? Something unplanned. My favorite moments are always when I’ve turned a wrong corner or decided to try something on a whim. When you let go of a traditional itinerary, you are able to understand a culture in a much purer sense. 

Right now, I can’t get enough… Dancing! I love going to concerts or just having a great little dance party with close friends. 

My favorite album is…. Elliott Smith XO. This was the first album I ever owned. Perhaps a surprising choice for a 7-year-old, but it’s so near and dear to me. I know each song on that album by heart. 

My favorite book is…  L’Étranger (The Stranger) by Albert Camus

My favorite food is…. A freshly baked baguette

My favorite candy is…. Gianduja by Leonidas Chocolates. A tiny beautiful gold brick of hazelnut heaven.

My favorite scent is…. Café Society by Frédéric Malle

On my playlist right now…  Röyksopp – Something In my heart; LCD Soundsystem – All my friends; NoNoNo – Scared; The Supremes – Baby Love; Empire of the Sun – Ice on the Dune; Fleetwood Mac – Everywhere

A woman who inspires me is… Diana Vreeland

If I weren’t doing what I do, I would be… A documentary filmmaker



Paint Deck from Farrow & Ball

Lucite Pencil Holder 

Fabric swatches from Raoul Textiles

Gold Paper Clips

Caran d’Ache Luminance Colored Pencils


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What was the biggest obstacle to launching your business or venture?

I initially had a great deal of apprehension about taking on all the responsibility that comes with launching a business. Ultimately, if you accept that mistakes are part of the process then you can take the edge off and realize that learning and evolving is a natural and essential part to any business. Accept the highs and lows and always move forward, the rest always finds a way of working itself out. 

With regard to your business, what are you most thankful for? 

Jenn! Having a business partner was always a necessity for me. Having someone you trust and respect to check you and offer a different point of view is invaluable. Jenn always pushes me to the next level and when we come together we are always finding ourselves able to expand upon our original ideas and push ourselves further.

Living the dream means Waking up every day feeling excited about possibility and inspired to create. 

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Images: [Sabra Lattos Photography, Twofold ]


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