more than the bottom line!

It’s no secret that ltd365 LOVES glassbaby. We invited their founder, Lee Rhodes, to speak at our 2012 conference. We told you the story of how and why the company launched, and shared with you what a shinning example of a soulful company they are. We even announced when Lee was named Entrepreneur of the Year by Entrepreneur Magazine. And, yes it’s true, several of us have at least one glassybaby adorning our homes. And for the record, this is pure love, no glassybabys have been received in exchanged for this post.

Aside from our adoration of these beautiful objects of delight, we wanted to applaud their pledge to giving back. Their example has inspired so many entrepreneurs to consider how a businesses can be committed to more than the bottom line. As of Oct 5, 2012, glassybaby has given $1,000,000 away to charities dedicated to health, healing and quality of life.

Lee shares, “So many stories begin and are fostered around these little beacons of hope. Creating memories, gifting and receiving, lighting and sharing, our community is strengthened and supported by glassybaby giving. As a company, we are determined to stay true to our mission, we are grateful to our community for sharing in our journey, remembering that as each of us moves through our own story, it is our own voice we must listen to, it is our light that must shine.”

Click on the images to watch a short inspiring video.

Nada Jones is an entrepreneur, author and mentor. She is the Founder/CEO and Editor-in-Chief of, ltdLIVE conferences, ltdWORKSHOPs and the soon to be launched Liberty Magazine. Jones has spent over a decade working with entrepreneurial women and has leveraged her experience and connections to create the ltd multimedia platform for those ready to launch their dream ventures. Her goal is to inspire women to “start something that makes a difference” in their lives and the lives of others. Nada is the co-author of Sixteen Weeks to Your Dream Business: A Weekly Planner for Entrepreneurial Women, published by McGraw-Hill in August 2008. She is passionate about creating entrepreneurial opportunities for women in developing countries and is an advisor to several non profits that are committed to supporting underserved women.

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