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Amy Swift Crosby is well-known for her entrepreneurship savvy and her ability to connect people. A background in helping both established brands and niche players hone their message was the foundation for SMARTY, the community she founded for women in business. It’s designed as a collective brain trust for strategic growth, bringing together a collection of business owners and freelancers for networking opportunities among the types of industries that might not otherwise naturally collide. SMARTY provides an online community while also producing over 60 events a year.

Q. What makes you different from your competition?

A. Smarty feels different than a lot of women’s groups, in part because many of our members are not typically the “joining” type. We are really transparent about what it takes to build a business with sustainable growth, integrity and relevance. We don’t promise riches overnight or do a lot of “women’s empowerment” stuff. We stick to business and really speak to creatives in a language they understand.


Q. I am most proud of…

A. The quality of the SMARTY community. I’m blown away by how many successful, really interesting women are a part of it. The online message board has so much useful information on it – I can’t believe this even exists, much less that I started it.


Q. What three words best describe your company?

A. Supportive. Focused. Growing.


Q. Right now, I can’t get enough…

A. Great stories from interesting business owners.


Q. What’s one thing you hope to pass along to your children?

A. The idea that fear is a part of growth – it doesn’t stop you, it just might be there on your shoulder sometimes and you kind of have to make friends with it.


Q. I wish someone would have told me…

A. That it would all be okay!


Q. I gave up…

A. Caring about whether people would like me to pursue my dream.


Q. Living the dream means…

A. That what you do allows you to live your dream. You may not love what you do 100% of the time, but if it allows you to live as you love to live, then that is the dream. Love what you do – but love also how it allows you to live your life. It might mean less money but more time with your kids. It might mean starting over in a new profession that gives you more happiness but less recognition, at least at the start.

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Nada Jones is an entrepreneur, author and mentor. She is the Founder/CEO and Editor-in-Chief of ltd365.com, ltdLIVE conferences, ltdWORKSHOPs and the soon to be launched Liberty Magazine. Jones has spent over a decade working with entrepreneurial women and has leveraged her experience and connections to create the ltd multimedia platform for those ready to launch their dream ventures. Her goal is to inspire women to "start something that makes a difference" in their lives and the lives of others. Nada is the co-author of Sixteen Weeks to Your Dream Business: A Weekly Planner for Entrepreneurial Women, published by McGraw-Hill in August 2008. She is passionate about creating entrepreneurial opportunities for women in developing countries and is an advisor to several non profits that are committed to supporting underserved women.

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